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  • Scott M. Brannan

    • I have always been pretty artistic, tinkering around with things for family and friends, but I never did anything with my art until my mid-20s. In 2010, when Auburn was making strides towards the National Championship, I created a watercolor painting of Nick Fairley in the game against Alabama.

      I made a few sample prints to test out on my friends and family, and they were so well received that I decided to get them licensed by Auburn. This is where my art really took off, and I began working on more watercolor and acrylic paintings.

      I entered Auburn Art’s artist search in the fall of 2012, where I submitted my painting, “Tradition Lives Here,” celebrating the 1957 and 2010 National Championship football teams. I ended up winning the popular vote. My most recent acrylic painting, “Midnight on Toomer’s,” was made in honor of the A-Day celebration, and was so successful Auburn Art approached me about making it into a t-shirt, which has also been extremely successful!

      I really enjoy my relationship with Auburn Art. Cliff and Emily have been friends and advocates of my art since the very beginning. I am so proud to be working with them and to be able to walk into my favorite store in Auburn and see all my hard work hanging on the walls.